Sourcing the Best

Sourcing the Best

The RSS difference

At RSS, we roll up our sleeves and get things done. Over the past two-plus decades, we have helped transform how some of the most recognized companies in the world work. Along the way, we have developed a passionate and diverse group of team members who are valued and supported as people and professionals and are committed to the success of our clients and one another.

We believe that our human capital is our most valuable asset. We embrace and encourage all our differences—whether that is related to age, ethnicity, national origin, religion, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, political affiliation, veteran status, and all other characteristics that make us unique.


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Six principles for successful client relationship building

The heart of consulting is relationship building. It’s an industry built on team work and enabling others to be successful – especially clients. That’s why it’s important for us to support and empower our consultants to build meaningful and trusting relationships with their clients.

As part of our ongoing efforts to unleash the “Voice of the Customer,” we have outlined six principles for successful client relationship building, developed straight from the perspectives of RSS clients.


  1. Maintain a positive attitude.
  2. Arrive early with a positive attitude as this will help you succeed on projects, meet goals and generally enjoy your engagements more.

Engage and influence.

  1. Be “hands-on” and “heads-in” to provide on-the-ground perspectives and real-time insights. This includes engaging and influencing stakeholders, sharing best practices or approaches that have worked elsewhere and identifying and addressing risks.

Be proactive and responsive.

  1. Anticipate change and remain flexible so you can guide your clients in the best way forward. Balance this adaptability with always striving to bring a proactive point-of-view based on your experiences.

Operate with maturity.

  1. Maintain a sense of steadiness and maturity in difficult situations. Clients will look to you in times of challenge and that’s when it’s most important to tap into your expertise, experiences, empathy and point-of-view to lead them forward to their best outcome.

Work with the bigger picture.

  1. Do what you do best – get things done – but always keep the bigger picture and goal in mind. Balance the details with the larger business vision to evolve your approaches, increase your knowledge and connect the dots to help deliver the most sustainable and aligned solution to your client.

Deliver insights.

Bring your insights to everything that you do. Your rich experiences and perspectives from prior engagements not only matter, they are highly valued.