Our founding principle – Engage an organization to mitigate financial and reputational risks by employing expert level testing, issue validation and sustainable tactical implementation.

RSS is the premier human capital partner to deliver. Strategic relationships with our talent pool, allows us to mobilize the required resource for the project at hand. Our approach to workforce strategy uniquely positions RSS to be an integral partner.

Headquartered in Historic Saint Augustine, Florida RSS is proud to have been engaged in every aspect of the banking industry for over 25 years.

RSS was founded to help finance executives with operational needs and special projects created by workforce gaps. We believe that the human capital model is the wave of the future.   We deploy experienced professionals and embed them in our clients’ businesses to compliment and collaborate at the direction of the client. The passage of Sarbanes Oxley is at the forefront of our business.  We employ teams to assist clients with the development, testing and remediation of internal Issues and control systems. RSS supports IT, HR, Legal and Supply Chain executives across the banking industry.

Compliance Testing & Strategic Issue Resolution

Operational leaders are the strategic partners to the CEO and board of directors, with expanding opportunities to maximize growth and profitability. That means key executives must be adaptive and must do more than manage financial data and ensure compliance. Business leaders must be equipped with intel that compels the strategic direction of an organization and execute critical enterprise decisions.

Remediation Staffing Specialists provides compliance testing expertise, issue validation and tactical solutions to advance automation and data analytics. With our team of executive-level consultants, you have access to a wealth of expertise in all areas of banking operations and all consumer regulations. We seek complete transformation of operations, to achieve sustainable competitive advantages. RSS is well versed in banking enterprise challenges in the current business environment to facilitated an ever-changing regulatory environment.

RSS can help you implement business-critical finance initiatives while transferring knowledge to collaborate and enhance your current and projected growth initiatives.