Remediation Staffing

Implementing Strategic Compliance Solutions

Operational Collaboration

RSS collaborates closely with senior leadership and stakeholders to promote cost efficiency and operational effectiveness.  We seek to compliment and with work your Senior Leadership team to achieve maximum quantifiable results.  Our goal is to not only assist with your existing business plan implementation but to enhance any processes or procedures that may result in maximum team performance.

Compliance Testing and Reporting

As your business responds to transformative change, you not only need business agility and insight, but also technical expertise. RSS staff is highly skilled in the creation and execution of Testing Scripts to help you reach auditable testing conclusions documented with authoritative guidance within a framework that works for your organization.1

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Solving Recruitment Using Technology

Working at Remediation Staffing Professionals.


At RSS, our experienced consultants work alongside clients as genuine strategic partners; providing expertise to deliver amazing results for some of the world’s most recognized companies.


Challenging Work. With a wealth of experience, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact in your area of expertise through transformative work and partnerships with C-Level Execs.


Flexibility. The variety of projects, locations and engagement models gives you the ability to define your career path based on your expertise, passion, desire for travel and life stage.


Learning. Working with premier companies provides opportunities to stay at the leading edge of your profession, learn skills for the future and earn CPE credits.

Attributes for success

  • Whether you are returning to the workplace, looking for a flexible career, or excited by challenging work with Fortune 100 companies, RSS is for you.
  • As a seasoned professional with deep functional knowledge, you understand how to solve big challenges and execute complex plans.
  • You take pride in doing work of significance and desire to work in a collaborative environment where people care about you and your success.

Consultants following this path typically have more than 10 years of relevant experience.

Grow with RSS

RSS is committed to helping our people accomplish great things, and our culture supports RSS team members’ continuous development and growth.

We are designed to help you work at the intersection of your experience, expertise and skills while being part of a team of passionate professionals invested in each other’s success and united by a common purpose – to transform how companies work.

We help clients solve a diverse range of challenges, which ensures you remain at the leading edge of your chosen field and continue to expand your skillset. You will also have access to a repository of tools, educational materials, and best practices for continued learning. You can take pride in RSS’s battle tested experience to support you along your journey.

As an experienced consultant, you may be invited to share your subject matter expertise in RSS-led panels and webinars, and gain CPE credits. You will also have the opportunity to lead internal initiatives to develop new RSS processes and emerging areas of development.

We formally support ongoing professional development for our team members through curated programs to support personal, professional, functional and leadership growth. Our mission is to cultivate lifelong learning to ensure our RSS community will perpetually grow, innovate and thrive.


Your RSS journey

As a Consultant at RSS, you partner with clients to get things done, and done well—the hard work of executing a plan, implementing technology and changing an organization.

You collaborate with the client’s team to deliver on the engagement’s objectives and transfer knowledge to drive sustainable outcomes.

You also have the opportunity to contribute to RSS business, practice and community development initiatives.

In addition to your role in consulting, you may also consider opportunities within Talent, Digital Innovation, Sales and Corporate Services.


Consultant Engagement Model

RSS has a unique consulting model that provides opportunities for consultants to work in different ways. Most consultants work with flexibility and autonomy to choose projects aligning with their experience, skills and desired lifestyle. Other opportunities exist in interim-style engagements as well as team-based, strategy and solutions advisory work. You will feel the full support of RSS to assist you in your work and guide you on your chosen path.


Advisory. In an advisory capacity, you provide subject matter expertise through project scoping, approach, management and execution.

Project. In a project team capacity, you provide subject matter or functional expertise for specific projects often working alongside other RSS team members.


Interim. In an interim capacity, you provide management level expertise for day-to-day operations at clients.

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